4" Ultimate System Lift Kit

  • Use 35/13.50R18 tire w/ 18x9 wheels w/ 5 3/4” BS w/ minor trimming
  • Use 35/13.50R20 tire w/ 20x9 wheels w/ 5 3/4” BS w/ minor trimming
  • Will not fit standard cab models
  • 4wd and 2wd

Our new 4” Ultimate System provides less lift than our 6” RTS system but still allows use of 35” tall tires for street and offroad use. We have developed this system utilizing replacement upper control arms constructed of 1.50” OD .120” thick wall DOM tubing that attaches to heavy duty Fabtech ductile iron steering knuckles. The factory torsion bars remain in the stock position and use new forged adjusting keys to provide the proper amount of lift.

There is no loss of ground clearance with this system as the stock lower control arms, torsion bars and front differential do not need to be relocated.

This 4” Ultimate System will level the stance of the vehicle compared to the factory nose down rake with no change to the rear suspension. For those customers that require a factory nose down appearance an optional 1” rear block kit is available.

4" Ultimate System Lift Kit
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  • Item #: FT-10
  • Manufacturer: Fab Tech
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