Air Lift WirelessAIR Premium Wireless Control

Air Lift WirelessAIR Premium Wireless Control of your Air Springs

WirelessAIR™ provides one-touch inflation and deflation of your air springs from inside or outside the vehicle. Never search for a gas station with a working compressor again!

  • Easy installation – no lines/wires to the cab!
  • Wireless handheld unit for convenient operation inside or outside the vehicle
  • Dual path control: set the left and right air springs to different pressures
  • Advanced diagnostics such as leak detection or compressor malfunction
  • Two user-defined memory buttons
  • Heavy duty compressor
  • Weather-resistant manifold and waterproof up to 2 ft.
  • Works with all brands of air springs
  • 2 year limited warranty

Independent Control of your Air Springs

Inflate and deflate each air spring independently to different pressures – perfect for users with uneven or top-heavy loads. With two user-defined memory buttons, WirelessAIR can remember your frequently used settings.

WirelessAIR is easy to install using common mechanic tools in about one hour. No wires or air lines need to be run into the cab. The system includes a heavy duty compressor, manifold and wireless remote – everything you need to install.

Air Lift WirelessAIR Premium Wireless Control
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  • Item #: 72000
  • Manufacturer: Air Lift
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