BMF Novakane Death Metal Black Wheels

BMF Novakane Wheels are built for the off-road truck enthusiast and you can tell this just by looking at the unique wheel designs! The wheel bloodline runs deep with BMF, run by Brock Weld who is the son of legendary racer and wheel manufacturer Greg Weld. When you go with BMF you know your getting quality and some of the most original and coolest truck wheel designs around! Order your BMF Novakane Death Metal wheels today.

Size Bolt Pattern Off Set Back Space
18x9 8x170  0MM  5.0"
 20x9 8x170  0MM  5.0"
 20x10 8x170  -19MM  4.75"
 22x10.5 8x170  -25  4.75"


BMF Novakane Death Metal Black Wheels
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  • Item #: BMF1
  • Manufacturer: BMF
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