Caterpillar/DynaPac Heavy Equipment with HEUI fuel System

Additional Power increase

Up to 30% for the Case IH Applications

30% increase for the 20 Series John Deere and Caterpillar Challenger applications.
When the Agr-Power is installed, it communicates with your tractor or combines ECU to receive the engines operation data. With this information the Agri-Power will provide increased power with improved drivability. This direct communication with the tractors ECM allows the Agri-Power to also increase fuel economy and towing capabilities under any type of Agriculture conditions.

Lower Fuel Consumption
On average the Agri-Power series will lower your fuel consumption by 20% per day!

Connection: Map & Fuel

The Agri-Power series is fully plug & play and features in-cab adjustability!

HEUI fuel system

Cold Planer PM-102

Dozzers D5N, D6NFA, D6R Series III 

Excavators 324D, 325D, 330D

Feller Bunchers 563, 573 

Forest Machinery 324D, 325D 

Material Handlers M325C

Motor Graders 120H, 135H, 140H 

Pipelayers 561N

Paving Equipment AP-1055D

Skidders 525C, 535C, 545C

Track Loader 953C, 963C

Track Paver AP-1055D

Waste Handler 953C, 963C

Wheel Loader 938G Series II, IT38G Series II, 950H, 962H, IT62H


Mobile Feeders: MF250

Planners Medium: PL600/30s, PL1000RS

Single Assfault Roller: CA362, CA500, CA512, CA600, CA602, CA612, CA702

Tandem Asphalt Roller: CC722

Wheeled Pavers: F161W

Tracked Pavers: F121C, F141C, F141CR, F181C, F182CS

Caterpillar/DynaPac Heavy Equipment with HEUI fuel System
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  • Manufacturer: TS Performance
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