Dynomite Diesel High Flow Injector Nozzles

DDP 7.3 Liter Ford nozzles are engineered to give you optimum power and increased fuel mileage. These nozzles will give you 50-100 horsepower at the wheels on most trucks. The 50HP are mileage max nozzles and you can use these with a stock turbo and even on a completely stock truck. If you install these injector nozzles and you already have a chip or downloader you will not get the full advertised horsepower.


  • 1-Year Unlimited Mileage Warranty
  • 1-2 MPG Increase Commonly Seen on 50HP Nozzle

Power Levels:

  • Stage 1: 24LPM: Mileage Max, Common Gains of 50HP
  • Stage 2: 26LPM: Smooth Operation, Common Gains of 75-100HP
Dynomite Diesel High Flow Injector Nozzles
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  • Item #: DDP8
  • Manufacturer: DDP
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