Dynomite Diesel High Flow Injectors

There's no disputing the performance of Dynomite Diesel 12 Valve Injectors. Hailed as the benchmark in 12 valve performance, DDP B series Injectors rule  competitions internationally. Whether you want to make big power, or just get your 5th wheel to the camp ground a bit faster, these DDP injectors are the answer.

Your mileage will increase over stock with these 12 valve injectors. You will likely see 1-2 miles per gallon after your excitement wears off.

Included with your DDP injectors, you will find copper sealing washers for the cylinder head and fuel return line. We also include a large nut that screws onto your old injector to help you pry it from the head without damaging the  threads.


  • 1-Year Unlimited Mileage Warranty
  • 1-2 MPG Increase Commonly Seen
Dynomite Diesel High Flow Injectors
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  • Item #: DDP2
  • Manufacturer: DDP
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