MBRP Aluminized Exhaust 4" Stack T-Pipe Kit


MBRPinc, the leader in diesel exhaust system manufacturing is proud to introduce SMOKERS, stacks for your diesel powered light truck. SMOKERSstacks will give your truck that aggressive Big Rig look and that classic MBRPinc. sound.  Never again will you have to settle for a sub-standard exhaust system just so you can have stacks on your truck. 

To load up on performance plus the big rig look pick the SMOKERS truck universal stack kit designed for all makes and models (fabrication required).

The result of this kit is an aggressive look of dual stacks as well as the improved exhaust flow delivered by 4” fully mandrel bent MBRPinc pipe.

You can even add an optional aluminium checker plate cover (see below) over the “T” pipe in the bed of your truck to get that complete finished look, as well as the added safety and protection of concealing hot exhaust pipes.  Check out the pics, this is a really clean looking piece.

So if you want your truck to look smoking hot, and want everyone to know you're putting out some serious power, get the MBRPinc. SMOKERS and leave them all in your smoke.

3-Year Manufacturer's Warranty

(stack tips sold separately)

MBRP Aluminized Exhaust 4" Stack T-Pipe Kit
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