PureFlow Raptor RP-150 Fuel Pump (150 GPH) "Quick Connect"


NEW Quick Connect / Dis-Connect Fittings - Drops Raptor Fuel Pump Installation Time 30-45 Minutes!
HIGH END Gearotor Pump Featuring:


  A built in ADJUSTABLE REGULATOR, No Return Line Needed
  15/16,000 hour Electric Motor
  Flow Rates of 150 GPH
  VacU Seal Technology (Shaft Seals Under Vacuum Instead Of Pressure for Long Life)
  Wire Screen in Inlet Port for Added Protection
  Complete Installation Kit With: No Drill Mounting Bracket, Wiring Harness, AND
  1/2” Big Line Fuel Lines are Standard.



PureFlow Raptor RP-150 Fuel Pump (150 GPH) "Quick Connect"
  • Item #: R2SBC136
  • Manufacturer: PureFlow AirDog
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