"Reman" Industrial Injection Injectors

Industrial Injection knows how to fuel a diesel. It's simply what they do, and they offer a complete line of injectors to fuel your LLY Duramax. Whether you're simply looking for a little more power to pull your fifth wheel, or are looking for all out injectors to pull the sled to the end of the track, Industrial has just the injector for you. They measure the size of their injectors not by the horsepower gain (like many others), but rather by the LPM (Liters per Minute) they are able to flow, as well as a percentage increase over stock. They do this because injectors will vary their horsepower depending on how a particular truck is already set up (i.e. what chip/programmer, cp3, turbo, etc.). You can choose from the different size injectors from below, and decide what would work best for you.

"Reman" Industrial Injection Injectors
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  • Item #: II-29
  • Manufacturer: Industrial Injection
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