South Bend Dyna Max Double Disc Clutch (Incl. Flywheel)

Flywheel Included

All the clutch components in this assembly are made of steel. The center plate is lugged to fit the flywheel. This complete clutch has no special requirements for install. It is a direct replacement of the OEM clutch. Dodge 5 speeds will, however, require a 1 3/8" input shaft upgrade. All flywheels will have a bronze/feramic insert that will be removable. This feature will allow us to replace the insert, instead of the flywheel, when it is time to be rebuilt. We have variations of friction materials as well as different sequences of buttons.

600hp & 1200ft lbs

South Bend Dyna Max Double Disc Clutch (Incl. Flywheel)
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  • Item #: SB-4
  • Manufacturer: South Bend
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