TS Performance PowerFool2 Nitrous System

TS Performance introduces the first Dual Stage Computer Controlled Nitrous System.

The PowerFool2 was designed especially for the diesel applications. All wiring and solenoids are self contained in 2 boxes and are equipped with all the necessary hardware and fittings.

System includes:

• Computer Controlled Command Center
• Self Contained Solenoid Box
• Plug in Wiring Harness
• Weather Pack connectors
• Wide-Open Throttle Switch
• Braided Nylon Nitrous Lines and fittings
• 2 Nitrous Nozzles
• 2 Nitrous Jets
• 10lb. Nitrous Bottle
• Bottle Bracket

The PowerFool 2 makes Nitrous simple and takes away the entire headache of wiring. This system can be installed in numerous places, so if you have your own idea on an application that you would like to use you can. The PowerFool2 has many different applications that can be applied, such as the placement and the locations of your nozzles and the amount of Nitrous you would like to spray. This application can be used even if you have NOT O-ringed your heads. If you have stock heads the amount of Nitrous being sprayed should be limited.

CAUTION! This system has the capability of producing up to 300hp and should be used in accordance to your application. If you have never used Nitrous before because of the fear factor you can now enjoy the added power without the confusion and stress that usually accompanies this feared power enhancer.

TS Performance PowerFool2 Nitrous System
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  • Manufacturer: Nitrous Express
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