TS Performance ReSpeed

If you changed your trucks tire size or rear axle gears. Chances are the speedometer reading is off. Because many late-model trucks use the vehicles speed to also determine fuel delivery, shift points and more, TS Performance developed the ReSpeed speedometer calibration tool and speed limiter removal unit.

The TS ReSpeed easily installs into your gas or diesel truck and by inputting your new tire size and/or rear axle gear ratio, the ReSpeed recalibrates and corrects your vehicles factory speedometer to fully optimize your engines performance. If your new tires have a higher speed rating, the ReSpeed speedometer calibration tool can also alter your vehicle?s speed limiter by turning it off or allowing you to set a maximum speed to take advantage of your trucks performance.

Recalibrates tire size and/or gear ratio for accurate speed readings to gain precise engine performance and speedometer display.

The TS ReSpeed can turn off the speed limiter or set the maximum speed the computer sees for optimum engine performance.

Applications available for Diesel & Gas!

Easy Installation

TS Performance Re-Speed Guide

Make Model Tears Location Wire Color, Location

Dodge Ram
2006 VSS Red/Pink, back Differential

Dodge Ram
2007 VSS Green/Yellow, back Differential

TS Performance ReSpeed
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