Traction Bars

  • Some vehicles with carrier bearing vibration may not be eliminated with installation of Fabtech traction bars.
  • To use with Fabtech 10" System, long travel leafs or AMP steps order Bracket Kit (FTS92025).
  • Must have minimum 3" blocks
  • Floating Rear Traction Bar System
  • Duramax Traction Bars Parts Only Available in Black

These Duramax traction bars are designed to reduce rear leaf spring axle wrap caused by lift blocks and oversized tires. Typically the travel cycle of the Super Duty rear axle is an arch. The exclusive shackle system of Fabtech traction bars allows the bars to float with the arched travel of the rear axle. This provides a non-binding, smooth highway ride, while still providing positive resistance to torque loads, reducing axle wrap and increasing tire traction.

Traction Bars
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  • Item #: FTS62003BK
  • Manufacturer: Fab Tech
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